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Healing Crystals - My Favorite Stone

I'm often asked which stone is my favorite. When first asked, I felt like I was asked to choose my favorite child.

I've had a lot of years, and a lot of crystals, to think about my answer.

I have an amazing honey calcite that once glowed, totally on its own, as if it had a flame inside. The undeniable energy of that chunk cast aside my skepticism, so as a single specimen it will always be special.

But if by some strange nonsense, if I could have just one crystal, it would have to be smoky quartz.

Quartz itself is an incredible healing crystal. Smoky quartz, ranging in shades from the lightest tinge to deep chocolate brown, specializes as an antidepressant. The fact that its color coincides with the Earth chakra below our feet is no accident, because it has an incredibly grounding vibrational energy.

It's only recently that I made the connection between those two properties. The years that I suffered through depression were the ones when I felt the most disconnected. Medication was only able to do so much for the symptoms. But the cause, the isolation, alienation, disconnection, remained untreated. By reconnecting my energy with the Earth and subsequently with all, my depression dissipated. I eventually stopped taking the meds and began to move forward with my life.

So I do have a favorite stone, and I don't care if the others are jealous.

Smoky quartz♥

Peace, Beth

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