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Yoga at the Wonderstone

Yoga offers many benefits:
• increases core strength, balance, and flexibility
• lowers blood pressure
• helps manage weight
• improves digestion, circulation, and posture
• relieves pain and tension
• promotes slower, controlled breathing
• enhances muscle strength and tone
• neutralizes and reduces stress
• increases confidence, self-acceptance, and mental awareness
• elevates mood


Our studio will be coming back

better than ever in a few short months.

As the weather becomes warmer, we look forward to offering outdoor Yoga

and Tai Chi classes at our new location!

We're excited to create our new sacred space, and appreciate your patience during this tumultuous transition.

for info/reservations:

call or text


For weather updates/cancelations

please follow us on FB or Instagram


Single class fee ~ $12

6-class pass ~ $60



Melissa Yerka Martini

Certified Yoga instructor > 10yrs.

Mom of two.

Special education teacher > 15 yrs. w/ master's degree in special education administration.

Melissa has overcome much in life (weight gain, body image issues, addiction, depression, anxiety, victim mentality mindset), she now considers those experiences to be gifts, and uses them to relate to and help others on their journeys.


Nicole Schofield

Full time physical therapy assistant - Nicole discovered yoga during massage therapy training.

Exploring the body and understanding the shapes and sizes of how everything fits and connects are what build the foundation of Nicole's classes. Paying attention to injury prevention and alignment of the pose while going inward and connecting to one's truth as the breath deepens.

Dawn V._edited.jpg

Dawn Vinciguerra

Dawn is a registered yoga instructor with additional certifications in Yoga Anatomy and Creative Sequencing. She is a board-certified art therapist (ART-BC) and holds a certification in Plant-Based Nutrition.

Dawn has worked professionally with a wide range of clients and students and truly believes yoga is a path to healing, is art as movement, and a way to experience joy in both mind and body, and endeavors to convey these themes in her classes.

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"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others." ~ Peace Pilgrim

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