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It's All In Perception

When you look at this picture, what do you see? Some of you see a blue and green mug. If you're color blind you may see simply a blue mug. Under other rare conditions, the mug may appear to be black and white or grey. Whether you see the mug as one or the other is totally irrelevant, because it's still the same mug. It's all in perception. Isn't it the same with God? You may see him one way, like the traditional old man in the sky image, and I may see him as an incredible energy, light and love source that we're all a part of. Even if I were to call him by a different name, does that change who God is? If you call the mug "berry", it doesn't change what it is. So why should it matter if

Cut The Cords

People send out so many cords that latch onto us and suck our energy - most don't even know they do it, but a few are intentional. There are two very important lessons to start with... First of all, never take their crap personally. I remember when I first read The Four Agreements, that was a tough agreement for me to adopt. I blamed myself for a lot of things, when it was really the other person's issues. But I'm learning to remind myself "not my circus, not my monkeys". The second lesson is learning to cut those cords. I had never realized the importance until just a couple months ago. Now at the end of each day I make a pair of scissors with my fingers and visualize cutting the ethereal c

I Am A Bibliophile...

Confession time... What book do you have on your nightstand? For me I think perhaps the question should be what book DON'T I have by my bed!? Ha! Don't be fooled, I haven't read them all... yet. But I do have good intentions. My name is Beth and I am a bibliophile. Before you call the police, it simply means I LOVE books. In my night stand stack to the right I have Edgar Cayce, C.G. Jung and Buddhist Boot Camp. To the left is some philosophy, Toltec wisdom from Don Miguel Ruiz, the secret gospel of Thomas and believe it or not, my "Good News" (new testaments) I've had since high school. But I might be able to beat that eclectic mishmash with the stacks on the floor. Yes, I said stacks.

Shine Your Light

I don't think I can paint, even though I've never actually tried. Stacy, Lisa and Kristen... they can paint. Van Gogh... he could paint. I'm in awe of the vast number of paintings he created in his short but tumultuous 37 years... actually, approximately 2100 artworks during the last decade of his life. I look at their works everyday and I'm constantly amazed by what they can create with their brushstrokes. They are capable of conveying to us what they are seeing in their thoughts. I read Alicia's work. She also conveys for us what thoughts are rolling around in her head, but with words. Never discount your talents. You don't have to be a painter to be an artist. You don't need to be a

Magical hours

There is something truly magical about this time of the morning, between about 3 and 5am, when most of our part of the world is deep in slumber. Some say this is when the veil is the thinnest, that wisp that separates us from all of the answers of the Universe. Some feel this is when we are closest to those who have left this world before us. What questions would you ask? These are the hours many of our ancestors sat in meditation. Others used this time to express themselves creatively through painting or writing. What do you do with this time between your first and second sleep? Do you lie in bed grumbling at the hour? Or embrace the quiet opportunity to converse with Nature/Universe

Do What You Can

I sit here with delightful little Mick at my side, this relatively helpless tiny creature, and on my screen I see a picture of two young children tormenting a pup not much larger than my beloved four pound hound. And my heart breaks. Who will save that pup? Who will save those children? Maybe we can't save the world, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. We need to do what we can for who we can, never expecting anything in return. Some days we're able to do more, some less, but even if all we can do is offer up a prayer, then we've done a wonderful thing. Prayer is powerful. Focusing our intentions on an outcome and perhaps inviting others to focus their energy as well can bring about

Be An Encourager

The world already has enough critics. Why do so many people feel the need to tear others down? What joy can there be in destroying someone's self esteem? Feel the need to criticize someone? Remember this - your words are a reflection of YOU and your insecurities. How about we try this for a change - let's encourage each other! Give a pat on the back when it's due. Recognize the great things that others do every single day. Someone hits a rough patch? How about supporting them through it? Help them find their strength. Look for the positive in each other. And then... Imagine having your own personal cheerleader. When the going gets tough, that special someone is there on the side line

Let Your Heart Grow

Originally I had planned to write about Robin Williams this evening, but I really don't know what I can say that hasn't already been read on fb. He was truly a great talent, bringing not just laughter but also thought provoking, radical, dramatic performances as well. I had always seen a sadness in him though, even in his Mork days. Maybe it was just one kindred soul recognizing another. My son said it best when he referred to depression as "a wicked thing". I referred to my own battle in an earlier blog. That war isn't over. It never will be. Just like an addict has to fight their good fight everyday, so goes the life of the recovering depressed. But that's where the choice comes in. Rath

Choose The Positive

"You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life." - Joel Osteen I know this isn't easy advice to swallow. I had read it a hundred times myself and never thought I'd have to follow it. But I came face to face with this very tough reality. Someone I had known for quite a long time was bombarding me with negativity. Suddenly everything I said or did was wrong. I was on the wrong side of every topic. Now, I know I'm not always right and don't expect anyone to always agree with me, but I can't possibly always be wrong either. As I always say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. The disagreements increased and I began to feel "less" after every conversation

Just Like That

Truth - Just like that A few of you know my battle. A few of you may be fighting the battle yourself. I suffered through years of depression. Whether it was situational or a chemical imbalance is irrelevant at this point. I was taking meds for it, and for anxiety and for insomnia. The pills helped by keeping my mood very even. It seemed like a good thing at the time. But what you need to understand, when you're on those meds, even though there aren't many severe lows the opposite is also true, there are only rare, joyous highs. My doctor was awesome. He really helped me through some major darkness. We were even starting to talk about cutting back on my dosages. Then a horrible thing happene

Live In The Moment

We are all born so innocent and pure. We love openly and trust whole heartedly. We are open in our hearts and our minds. There is no hate. There is no fear. We have an amazing connection to the universe. We are blessed with amazing gifts. So what happens? In an effort to protect us, often the people around us try to instill what they feel is a healthy dose of fear. We become afraid of standing out, of being different, of being weird. Often our gifts go unused because they are misunderstood. So many fear the unknown. As an example, when I was young I saw people as colors. I didn't know I was seeing auras, I just knew different people were different colors. I thought that was how everyon

Listen To Your Intuition

"You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep." - Navajo Proverb This is also true for those who choose to walk through life with blinders on. We all know someone who believes they already know all there is to know. They've closed their minds to the possibility of learning more. They've turned off their intuition. Closed themselves from higher knowledge and guidance. They miss out on so much of the beauty and wonders that the inquisitive mind gets to experience every single day. Hold your breath until you're blue and you're not going to wake them up. They have chosen instead to sleep. And it is a dreamless sleep. Life is better lived with a child-like nature. Ask questions. Lis

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