Don't Forget It's Awareness Month!

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It's SIDS Awareness Month.

There are a million profoundly important causes out there, helping people deal with any condition your brain can think of by either increasing awareness, raising funds for research, or offering physical or emotional support. Each reminder is so very important in its own way, and not one can be ranked as more or less important than another - it's all truly relative to which has struck close to home... which has affected us or a loved one.

How about trying this for a change...

"Awareness Month"

Try being aware on a daily basis.

First of all, be aware of your health. Take care of your body, mind and spirit. Break habits you know will harm you. Get a check up. Take responsibility for your temple. Pray, meditate, or don't according to whatever your belief or non-belief system is.

Secondly, be aware of your family... your kids, parents, pets, whatever "family" means to you. Love them. Tend to them. Nurture and nourish them. Give them the greatest gift you can - YOU. Put down your phone and be present.

Thirdly, never, and I mean NEVER forget that you are a part of a much bigger picture. You are a part of a community. Yes, there are days you need support, but then there are days you must give someone else the lift they need. Be aware of everyone around you. People are fighting battles everyday that you know nothing about. Some people fight their wars internally. Don't judge.

Care. Support. Love. Value. Accept.

So here's my challenge to you.

Take the next 30 days... Look at yourself. Look at your family. Look at your fellow community members. How aware are you?

Make this a true Awareness Month. Not just a bumper sticker you slap on and forget about. Not just a ribbon on your timeline.

Be. Here. Now.

Peace and love, Beth

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