A Full Plate

I recently had an old friend resurface in my life. It was awesome to hang out with him for a little while, catch up on our 5 years apart, and talk about the directions our lives are heading in now. He said there are a few changes he'd like to make moving forward, but he doesn't have enough time for himself because he's got an incredibly full plate.

I think we all become overwhelmed by responsibilities from time to time. We keep adding more and more onto our plate until we become shaky just trying to hold it up.

Think about this, even an empty plate will become heavy if we try holding it up too long. Try it. At first it feels okay, not heavy at all. After just a few minutes your arms already start to work harder. The weight of the plate didn't change, did it? Of course not! But the longer we try to hold it up, the heavier it feels.

So, back to your full plate... It's okay to put that full plate down once in awhile. It'll still be there when you come back to it. But by putting it down and walking away from it for awhile you're able to give yourself a chance to rest. A chance to think of yourself and what you enjoy, the dessert that the plate never has enough room for.

Give yourself time to just be.

Take a deep breath.

Now when you return to your plate, you'll pick it back up, and it's not going to seem nearly as heavy as before because you are rested and better prepared. Meditation.

That's what it's all about.

Peace, Beth

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