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Choose The Positive

"You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life." - Joel Osteen I know this isn't easy advice to swallow. I had read it a hundred times myself and never thought I'd have to follow it.

But I came face to face with this very tough reality. Someone I had known for quite a long time was bombarding me with negativity. Suddenly everything I said or did was wrong. I was on the wrong side of every topic. Now, I know I'm not always right and don't expect anyone to always agree with me, but I can't possibly always be wrong either. As I always say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. The disagreements increased and I began to feel "less" after every conversation. My heart began to sink and I was on edge just being around this person. I became filled with so much self doubt. I kept thinking it was just a rough patch for us and if I just stuck it out things would get better. I decided to put up a shield around myself, thinking that would do the trick. It didn't improve the situation, it was just a cop out to avoid confrontation and probably actually brought about that which I was trying to avoid. It got pretty ugly. I became so exhausted by the situation that I just couldn't do it anymore. We were friends for a lot of years, but I don't think we ever really knew each other at all. The answer to bringing positivity and peace back into my life was to cut all ties. Sounds severe. It is. But sometimes it's necessary for self preservation. I have to agree with Joel on this one. I love what this person added to my life and they remain in my prayers with wishes for their best life possible.

But I can no longer be around this person or the drama that was being created. My heart knows it was the right decision, so there is no regret. I have chosen positivity over negativity. Peace, Beth

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