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Yogis come in all shapes and sizes

3 years ago today I took my first chair yoga class with Heather. At that point, my fibromyalgia prevented me from even lying on my back on the floor without excruciating pain (bad L5, too). I couldn't kneel on my left knee due to a past meniscus surgery. Getting up and down from the floor was ridiculous. That's actually why we started the chair class. I knew I wasn't alone in my lack of mobility and Heather was more than willing to work with us.

I'm not the same yogi I was then, not by a long shot. And I still have a long journey ahead.

That's the key right there, it's a journey.

Yoga has added so much quality to my well being. I realize how cliche that must sound.

My knee barely bothers me. My fibromyalgia is mostly under control, most of my flare-ups the result of weather changes or lack of yoga/ movement. My breathing has become consistently deeper and more deliberate, especially in stressful situations. I feel taller and more centered. I lost quite a bit of weight, and although a portion of it came back last year, I have a stronger foundation for losing it again, and going beyond. My general mobility has increased a hundredfold. My self-esteem, my confidence, my spirit... all continue to grow, and yoga has been an enormous part of it.

So happy anniversary to me :-) and cheers to many more! (tipping my water bottle) Namaste! Peace, love, and Trust. Your. Journey. -Beth

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