Be. Here. Now.

Time is the only thing that can move both fast and slow at the same time. Perception is everything.

The speed at which it can move is mind-boggling. Case in point, it's January 5, 2016. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve are all behind us. I'm ready for October to begin, not focus on unrealistic resolutions I'll never even have a chance at keeping. Yet if you are sitting in a doctor's office, or waiting for a light to change, looking ahead to a vacation, or you're missing someone - the moments tick by painfully slow. Is there a way to balance the speed of time? Is there a way to change our perception? I decided to try a little experiment this morning. I LOVE sunrises... perhaps even more than sunsets. With winter's later rising time, my day is usually already in full swing before she peeks above the horizon, so I've been missing it. I decided to end that today. After I was up and preparing for the day, I set another alarm - this time for 1 minute before the scheduled sunrise. Then I stopped, and I watched. She did not present me with a spectacular show of colors, but she gave me something valuable. It gave me perspective. It allowed me to stop the speeding clock for an entire series of moments. It brought me to the present. Perhaps we have more control than we realize. Be. Here. Now. Ram Dass knew what he was talking about. Being present, being mindful, BEING in each moment. When the clock spins out of control, instead of chasing it... stop, drop and meditate.

Make it a priority to catch the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, twinkle of stars, decipher images in clouds, or examine snowflakes.

Peace, Beth

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~ Masks must be worn by everyone at all times while shopping. If you have a medical risk preventing you from wearing a mask, I will happily shop for you, but you must wait outside or return to pick-up your order at a later time.  If you are immune compromised, we can schedule a time for private shopping before or after regular shop hours.

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