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The Great Pumpkin

I am an inadvertent farmer.

Well, maybe not a farmer, but this amazing pumpkin has grown in my yard this Summer. I could not have grown a more perfectly beautiful pumpkin if I had tried - it's size, color and shape are all that I could have hoped for.

But the reason I say I'm an inadvertent farmer is because I didn't plant a single pumpkin seed. My friend (I'll call him Fish) did dump an old, rotting pumpkin in my yard last Fall, but not in this particular spot, nor where the amazing vine grew in front of my house or on the side of my house. The seeds must have been moved around by birds or squirrels. Doesn't really matter. When the pumpkin vines first started to grow we weren't sure what they were, but chose to not pull them as weeds, but to wait it out and see what grew. The reason I'm sharing this is because I think Life is a lot like my pumpkin.

Some people spend so much time making intricate plans, actively looking for love, trying so hard to find happiness... or in other words, attempting to cultivate the perfect pumpkin. Perhaps if we take some quiet time, sit back and let a few weeds grow, maybe one of those weeds will grow into something amazing, special and beautiful like my great pumpkin. Love and happiness can grow from the most unexpected places. Sit still for a moment or two and allow them to find you.

Peace and Love, Beth

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