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Do What You Can

I sit here with delightful little Mick at my side, this relatively helpless tiny creature, and on my screen I see a picture of two young children tormenting a pup not much larger than my beloved four pound hound. And my heart breaks.

Who will save that pup? Who will save those children? Maybe we can't save the world, but that shouldn't stop us from trying. We need to do what we can for who we can, never expecting anything in return. Some days we're able to do more, some less, but even if all we can do is offer up a prayer, then we've done a wonderful thing.

Prayer is powerful. Focusing our intentions on an outcome and perhaps inviting others to focus their energy as well can bring about miracles. And this isn't exclusive to any certain religion. I have more than a few people I care about very much facing major challenges right now and I pause from time to time throughout the day to send them some love, light and energy. Is that enough? Perhaps not, because what they all need is huge, but that's not going to stop me. Do what you can.

Help who you can.

If everyone does this, the world can change. Peace, Beth

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