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Be An Encourager

The world already has enough critics. Why do so many people feel the need to tear others down? What joy can there be in destroying someone's self esteem?

Feel the need to criticize someone?

Remember this - your words are a reflection of YOU and your insecurities. How about we try this for a change - let's encourage each other! Give a pat on the back when it's due. Recognize the great things that others do every single day. Someone hits a rough patch? How about supporting them through it? Help them find their strength. Look for the positive in each other. And then...

Imagine having your own personal cheerleader. When the going gets tough, that special someone is there on the side line reminding you how awesome you are and always reassuring you that "you can do it". Well, my friends... you already have that cheerleader living right inside of you. There have been all kinds of challenges tossed around these last few days. I want to challenge you.

For the next 24... No, let's make that 48 hours I challenge you to stop criticizing yourself.

No name calling.

No "I can't".

Try that on for size and see how it feels.

Become your greatest fan. See your own awesomeness.

Shine your light.

Peace, Beth

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