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Live In The Moment

We are all born so innocent and pure. We love openly and trust whole heartedly. We are open in our hearts and our minds. There is no hate. There is no fear. We have an amazing connection to the universe. We are blessed with amazing gifts. So what happens? In an effort to protect us, often the people around us try to instill what they feel is a healthy dose of fear. We become afraid of standing out, of being different, of being weird. Often our gifts go unused because they are misunderstood. So many fear the unknown. As an example, when I was young I saw people as colors. I didn't know I was seeing auras, I just knew different people were different colors. I thought that was how everyone saw each other. I never really talked about it because I just thought it was normal, until I went to school. I drew a picture one day with colors around the people and someone made fun of me. She said I was a baby who didn't know how to color right. It stung my tiny heart. I didn't talk about the colors anymore. In fact, as I grew older, I began to feel the colors were too distracting, so I learned to block them out. Apparently there was still something about me that was different. In middle school I was targeted by a bully. I was terrified to walk home from school. I never was a fighter, at least not in the physical sense. This got me a nice fat lip. I had friends who would come and go in and out of my little circle, but only one who stayed (and I am truly blessed because she's still a dear friend today.) I was a square peg trying my best to fit into a round hole. The fear carried right into adulthood.

So much of my life was clouded by depression. (That'll be a blog for another day.) I used to escape in books. Fiction was my friend.

Until one day I came across a book about synchronicity. It brought sense to so many "coincidences" I had experienced throughout my life. Then I began heading down a path of spirituality and never looked back. I found there's a whole world of people out there who are unique and gifted and free from dogma that holds back so many. I now celebrate the things that make me different. I embrace the beauty and purity of other souls and try to retain whatever child-like qualities still remain in my heart. One of my favorite things to do as a child was lying back in the grass and watching the clouds pass over.

So herein lies the key to my earthly pursuits.

Live in the moment and don't forget to look up to the heavens - the clouds, the stars, the moon...

Be the best me I can be.

And if someone else doesn't get it - that's their issue, not mine.

What someone else thinks of me is none of my business. As long as I'm true to myself and serve this Universe the best that I can, I'll just continue to spread my message of love and acceptance. Nurture your childrens' special gifts. Don't dismiss their questions and feelings. Allow their little souls to shine. Encourage their uniqueness. And me? I see a lot of people as colors again.

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