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"As owner of The Wonderstone Gallery, I am happy to announce our partnership with Kailin Bouse, who is now offering the following services in a beautiful healing space adjacent to our shop and yoga studio. I am confident you will find Kailin to be as professional and delightful as I do. As an "older" Reiki Master, I am thrilled to welcome a new generation of energy healers." ~ Beth Ann Zero

Contact Kailin directly to book an appointment:

(908) 531-8196


Reiki Healing
60 min. ~ $75

Hands-on energy healing is a therapeutic practice for physical, mental, and emotional health. It can help you feel better by balancing the chakras, reducing stress, easing tension, lowering pain, improving anxiety/ depression, soothing grief, reversing insomnia, removing energetic blockages, boosting overall well-being, and more!

Tarot Reading
Celtic Cross ~ $60

This 10-card Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is the ultimate dive into your current life situation. Consulting the Tarot can bring clarity and guidance into your life by offering a closer look and deeper insight. Each card holds a specific meaning. Together they share a special message just for you.

Kailin Bouse
Reiki Healing,
Sound Therapy,
Yoga &
Tarot Card Readings

Kailin Bouse is a certified 500-Hour Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master, and Sound Therapist from Scranton, PA. Kailin's teaching style is intuitive, informed, and inclusive. She works diligently to ensure all of her students and clients feel comfortable and inspired to grow!

Kailin is passionate about sharing her in-depth expertise in yoga philosophy, sound healing, and energy work to help you find balance in your life. Her classes and private sessions are designed intentionally to help you find relief by learning time-tested techniques to calm the nervous system. Practicing with Kailin helps you clear away tension, fear, and doubt to rediscover the path back to yourself.

Kailin's gentle nature and light-hearted personality create a safe and supportive environment for diving deep into your own self-development. When we unravel past traumas, release old patterns, and heal the body through breath and movement, we finally begin to rewrite our life story. Are you ready to live a life of fulfillment, empowerment, and peace? Together anything is possible! 

To schedule an appointment:




Reiki+Sound Therapy
60 minutes ~ $125

Pair the healing modalities of Reiki & Sound Therapy together for a full attunement of your mind, body, and spirit. Experience all of the benefits of Reiki Healing enhanced with Certified Sound Therapy. Sound Therapy includes crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, Koshi chimes, and more to regulate your nervous system for a profound sense of peace and relaxation.

Private Yoga & Meditation
60 minutes ~ $75

With private sessions, you receive the 1:1 attention you deserve. Develop a personal practice curated exactly to your unique needs. During private sessions with Kailin, you'll receive expert advice, guidance, and support on your healing journey.


Lovely place! If you're looking for a Reiki Practitioner, look no further. Kailin has a studio here and she is absolutely wonderful. Her space is peaceful and she is such a calm and lovely old soul. I was new to Reiki and she walked me through every aspect of what she was doing and was incredibly reassuring.


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